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Model FGS Fuel-Gard® Spin-On Filters


Model FGS

Facet’s aviation spin-on filters are designed to meet EI 1583 effluent requirements and perform three jobs to give you clean, dry fuel. They absorb free and emulsified water, remove ultra-fine solids even when surfactants and fuel additives are present, and shut down system flow when hit with a localized slug of water.

The filters are designed to flow at a rate of 13 gpm (FGS-O-405) and 15 gpm (FGS-O-409).

Features & Benefits
  • Removes free and emulsified water
  • Removes ultra-fine solids
  • Designed to shut down system flow under slug conditions

Technical Inforamtion
  • Max. recommended operating temperature: 240ºF (115ºC)
  • Initial differential pressure: 2 psi (0.14 kg/cm²) or less
  • Design collapse pressure: 50 psi (3.45 kg/cm²)
  • Flow direction: outside to in
  • Flow rate design for 5.5” (140mm) length filter: 13 gpm (49 lpm)
  • Flow rate design for 8.5” (216mm) length filter: 15 gpm (57 lpm)

Warning: Monitor cartridges should never be used with fuels containing anti-icing additive such as FSII, PRI ST, DI -EG ME. This includes pre-mixed and Military fuels containing this additive. The use of monitor cartirdges with fuels containing anti-icing additives may result in (1) A failure of the monitor cartridge and /or (2) Migration of filtration media into the fuel stream, either of which could potentially cause damage to or sudden failure of the corresponding engine. The supplier shall not be liable in any respect for any damage or loss that arises from the use of monitor cartirdges with fuels containing anti-icing additives. Such use is entirely at the user's risk.

Ordering Information
Item Flow Rate Diameter Length Thread Replaces
FGS-O-405 13 GPM 3¾" 5½" 1" - 12NF ACO-40501SPK
FGS-O-409 15 GPM 3¾" 8½" 1-3/8" - 12nf  



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