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Models VCS & HCS (Military)

Models VCS & HCS (Military)

5th Edition EI 1581, Category M & M100, Type S & S-LW Qualified

PECOFacet models VCS & HCS two-stage coalescer separator housings are mechanical devices designed to filter solids and separate two immiscible liquids. They have been qualified after full-scale, witnessed testing to the 5th Edition of EI 1581, Category M & M100, Type S & S-LW performance specifications.

Category M & M100 coalescer separator housings are for military aviation fuel. Type S qualifications can be used at all filtration points in an aviation fueling system. Type S is meant to be used at filtration points where significant levels of water and dirt in the product can be expected.  Type S-LW is meant to be used for mobile applications where minimum amounts of water and dirt in the product are expected.

Standard Housing Design

  • Welded carbon steel construction, other materials available on request
  • EI 1596 Design & Construction
  • Built to ASME Code, Section VIII, stamped and certified or "CE" marked
  • Choice of rod or screw base coalescer cartridge mounting styles
  • Knife edge cartridge mounting seals
  • Design pressure: for 150 psi (10.5 kg/cm²) @ 250ºF (121ºC) -other design pressures available on request
  • Headlift furnished in 18” OD and larger
  • Inlet, outlet and drain connections permanently marked
  • Swing bolt head closures
  • Buna-N o-ring closure seal
  • Spider support plate
  • Sloping cartridge plate
  • Automatic air eliminator with check valve