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FlexWorks Loop System™


The Industry's First Plug & Play Underground Fueling System

The patented OPW Loop System™, represents the state of the art in a completely integrated, environmentally secure underground fuel delivery system. The system, by design, employs pre-fabricated, factory assembled components, translating into dramatically less field labor and lower associated cost and potential for installation errors. The installed product preserves total underground access to all piping connections, piping runs and containment sumps for hassle-free inspection, maintenance or repair without ever having to excavate or even remove a dispenser. The Loop System™ incorporates field-proven OPW technology into a simplified, completely integrated piping system design that facilitates easy inspection, identification and repair of any problem that may develop and enhances the capability for leak prevention.

The OPW Loop System™: Providing a radically new solution to minimize traditional fuel delivery system problems.

The End Result: An exponentially higher level of environmental protection and lower cost of fuel delivery system ownership.

Features & Benefits
Prefabricated Quick-Couple Dispenser Sumps
  • Saves time and money – improves installation reliability
  • Provides for easy visual inspection, access to and replacement of under-dispenser components without removal of the dispenser
  • Shallow design reduces potential problems caused by groundwater forces
Double-Wall Pipe Couplings
  • Eliminates the need to trim back secondary jackets
  • Eliminates the need for rubber test boots; improves testing reliability and provides reliable means of isolating the coaxial jacket for vacuum, pressure or liquid testing and/or continuous monitoring of the pipe’s interstitial space
Dual-Sided Entry Fittings
  • Provides double containment protection at the sump/entry fitting connection points
  • Prevents groundwater intrusion into the sump and eliminates communication so fluid collected in the sump cannot enter the access pipe
OPW Swivel Bolt-On Coupling
OPW Lined Access Pipe
OPW 10 PLUS Emergency Valves
  • Patent-pending technology provides an added level of protection against potential leaks caused by low-impact cracks in the shear valve
  • Eliminates health, environmental contamination and fire hazards that could result from fractured valves leaking into sumps


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