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Aircraft Nozzle

Liquip are proud to offer OPWs range of 295 series overwing aircraft refueling nozzles.

A lightweight aluminium design and dual poppets allow for an easy to open nozzle against high inlet pressures.

  • Lightweight and durable aluminium design.
  • Dual poppets to allow for an easy to open nozzle against high inlet pressures.
  • Vinyl-coated lever.
  • Colour-coded composite lever guard to distinguish between AVGAS and Jet A1.
  • Right angle design which provides larger lever area for better grip and easier control.
  • 100 mesh strainer to prevent foreign matter from entering fuel tank (easy to remove and clean).
  • Dust cap keeps spout free from dirt and stop fuel drippage when connected.
  • Adjustable dash pot which permits adjusting the main poppet closure rate over a wide range of flows to overcome line shock with minimum after flow.
  • Built in swivel to eliminate twisting and kinking of the hose.
  • NPT female threads at inlet end - accepts all 1 1/2" male connections.
  • Grounding wire assembly included on all aviation nozzles.

Design working pressure
50 PSI (3.45 bar) maximum pressure.

-Body: Cast aluminium.
-Main stem: Stainless steel.
-Stem seal: Buna-N O-ring.
-Disc: Viton.
-Spout: Aluminium.

295AF-0100: OPW Aircraft Nozzle 40mm (1½") - Artic guard.

295SA-0135: OPW Overwing Nozzle (1" x 25mm) - AVGAS Spout.

295SA-0136: OPW Overwing Nozzle (1¼" x 32mm) - AVGAS Spout.  

295SA-0137:  OPW Overwing Nozzle (1½" x 38mm) - AVGAS Spout.  

295SAC-0157: OPW Overwing Nozzle (1½" x 25mm) - AVGAS Spout c/w check valve spool.  

295SAC-0158: OPW Overwing Nozzle (1½" x 38mm) - AVGAS Spout c/w check valve spool.  

295SACJ-0200:  OPW Overwing Nozzle (1½" NPT x 38mm) - AVGAS Spout c/w check valve spool.