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Gas Struts


Liquip's gas struts are world renowned for their proven design, quality and smooth movement. They allow for the best loading arm support and effortless loading.

Our uniquely designed gas struts have been incorporated into virtually all of Liquip's specialist loading arms including: low profile gravity unloading armsoverhead arms, A-frame arms, Pantograph arms  and other types of loading arms.

Note: Gas struts are used on all Liquip arms except Bitumen arms. Bitumen arms use air rams due to temperature requirements


Features & Benefits
  • Loading arms can be fitted with single or dual gas struts to suit any loading application.
  • Gas struts exert almost constant force throughout the stroke range. This means that up and down movement of the arm requires minimal effort.
  • Gas-struts are maintenance free.
  • Reduced weight and advanced balance mechanism technology make Liquip loading arms the most maneuverable loading arms available.
  • Highly engineered to ensure struts will not lose any force throughout their entire service life.

Ordering Information

4416: Standard Bottom loading arm gas strut 2,800N, 500mm (black boot).

3008: Standard Bottom loading arm gas strut 5,200N, 500mm (green boot).

4450: Pantograph loading arm gas strut 3,200N, 800mm (black boot).

5449: A-frame Bottom loading arm gas strut 5,200N, 800mm (black boot).

Associated Equipment

LBM800: Standard Balance Mechanism.

LBM800C: Chemical Balance Mechanism.

LBM800AVI: Aviation Balance Mechanism.

LBM800-LR: LBM800 Long Reach (Top Load Balance Assembly).

LBM800-1Z: LBM800 with 2 x 2800N Struts.

LBM800-2Z: LBM800 with 2 x 5200N Struts.

LBM800-3Z: LBM800 with 2800N & 5200N Strut.


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