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Hydrant Pit Valve 60554 (Obsolete product)


The Carter Model 60554 Hydrant Pit Valve is a family of valves that includes lanyard, air or dual air/lanyard operated pilot valves, with the latter available with a defueling option.

The latest Model 60554 Hydrant Pit Valves meet all the requirements of the 3rd edition of API/IP Bulletin 1584, including the new breakaway and strength requirements.

The basic hydrant pit valve consists of three basic parts, lower valve assembly, upper valve assembly (or API outlet adapter) and either the standard pilot valve or one of three patented pilot valve actuators (Model 64230, Model 64231 and Model 64280), available as Option X.

The lower valve assembly contains an isolation valve which will allow the removal and servicing of the upper valve assembly and the pilot valve assembly while the pit valve is still installed.

The upper portion of all versions of Model 60554 are now furnished with a replaceable part that contains the interface with the hydrant coupler. This minimizes replacement parts expense and allows for easy replacement of the outlet wearing surfaces.

Sorry About That… This Product is an Obsolete Item…

This product is no longer available. To assist you with finding an alternative product that will perform the same function we have offered some suggested replaceable products below. 

We have also made information about obsolete products available to assist with purchasing spare parts that may still be available. You can view obsolete product information by searching for product codes in our SEARCH bar. 

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Features & Benefits
  • Two-piece upper half standard, replaceable API outlet adapter of stainless steel per API Bulletin 1584. Ductile iron and stainless uppers with replaceable outlet optional.
  • Standard inlet flange mates with 4-inch 150lb ANSI flange.
  • Optional inlet flange mates with 6-inch 300lb ANSI flange, making valve conform to the IP standard.
  • Servicing valve, standard, provides means to remove the upper valve assembly and pilot valve assembly with the unit still installed.
  • 10 or 20 mesh screen options available.
  • All seals are field replaceable.
  • Large pressure equalizing valve in the outlet is standard.
  • Defueling capability optional with any air or dual air/lanyard operated pilot.
  • Stone guard optional with 6-inch inlet flange option.
  • Ductile iron epoxy coated for corrosion protection
  • Main piston well-guided to minimize piston seal wear.

Technical Information

Working Pressure
300psi (20.684 bar).

Closing time
2-5 seconds.

Opening time
5-10 seconds.

Ordering Information

There are seven basic valves to which various modifications may be added by option letters as shown below. The six basic model numbers are as follows:

Model 60554D
Lanyard operated pilot valve for manual on/off control. Valve allows flow in the fueling direction only.

Model 60554E
Air-operated pilot valve for deadman control. Valve allows flow in the fueling direction only.

Model 60554F
 Dual air and lanyard operated pilot valve for deadman control and manual on/off control for use in small pits only (12 or 13-inch dia.). Uni-directional only, unless combined with Option J.

Model 60554J
Air-operated pilot valve for deadman control with defuel control to allow flow of fuel in either fueling or defueling direction

Model 60554U
 Dual air and lanyard operated pilot valve for deadman control and manual on/off control for use in standard pits (18-inch or larger). Uni-directional only, unless combined with Option J.

Model 60554-3D
Same as Model 60554D except material of outer housing is ductile iron per ASTM A395 (special order only). The upper and lower valve assemblies are fastened together with 15 metric threaded screws instead of the normal 8-UNF threaded screws (replaced Model 60554-2D). Two-piece upper half not available on this unit.

Model 60554X
Valve with the major operating part of the pilot valve contained on a quick disconnect actuator assembly located on the hydrant servicer hose. Can be used as air/fuel pressure operation (with Model 64230 Actuator Assembly) or with lanyard backup (with Model 64231 Actuator Assembly). Actuator assemblies ordered separately. Includes ductile iron inlet housing, two-piece aluminum upper housing with replaceable stainless steel outlet, dust cap and high capacity pressure equalizing valve.


For detailed models that are available please contact Liquip.

Associated Equipment

New Remote Pilots

These remote pilots stay sttached to the hydrant servicer via the command hose and they can be energized with either air or fuel:

Part number 64230 Simple Disconnect (requires manual lifting of the colalr to engage and to disengage).
Part Number 64280 Push-On Disconnect can be pushed on, nut collar must be raised to disengage, or will disengage automatically when pulling the lanyard on the Option "Y".

Optional extension handle avilable on both remote pilots.



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