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Clay Cartridges


The primary purpose of clay treatment is to protect aviation fuel filtration systems and jet fuel by removing trace quantities of surfactants (surface active agents), colour and additives commonly found in fuel.

Facet’s specially selected Attapulgus clay greatly resists water saturation and provides maximum surfactant adsorptivity and filtration area found in clay treater cartridges.


Features & Benefits

Standard Design Features

  • Maximum adsorptive and filtration area
  • Greatly resists water saturation
  • Vibra-packed clay minimizes settling
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturer´s bag and canister clay treater cartridges
  • Hoisting handles expedite cartridges installation and change-out

Technical Inforamtion

Flow direction
Outside to in.


Bag Cartridge
Polypropylene center tube
Felt center tube migration barrier
Tightly woven canvas bag
Vibra-packed with Attapulgus clay to capacity
Heavy-duty canvas hoisting handles

Canister Cartridge
Perforated metal center tube
Non-woven polyester inner migration barrier
Vibra-packed with Attapulgus clay to capacity
Heavy-duty metal hoisting handle 
Reinforced Plastic Endcaps
Polyester outer wrap
Buna-N gaskets on both ends for assured sealing

Ordering Information
Item Type Recommended Flow rate per Cartridge Media Dimensions Maximum Operating Temperature
gpm lpm Nominal Length Outside Diameter Inside Diameter oF oC
in mm in mm in mm
C-766-4 Canister 5-7 19-27 Attapulgus clay, low volatile material Graded 60-90 mesh 18 457 7 178 57 240 115
C-727-6 Bag 18 457 7 178 57 140 60
C-727-2 Bag 19 457 7 178 57 140 60



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