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F Series Clay Treater Housings


Clay treaters are usually placed upstream of a coalescer filter separator system to remove surface active agents (surfactants), colour and additives from jet fuel.

These unwanted contaminants may be present in fuel at the processing and refining levels or picked up from various transportation methods such as trucks, ships and pipelines that carry several types of petroleum products in addition to jet fuel.

The contaminant compounds will accumulate and disarm the coalescer cartridge and reduce the water coalescing efficiency of the coalescer separator.

Clay treatment provides a complete adorptive system that removes the surfactant compounds, colour and additives by adsorption and delivers treated fuel to the coalescer separator while prolonging the life of the coalescer cartridges of the downstream filter separator.

Clay treater housings have no internal moving parts.

The product flows through the housing inlet chamber and equalizer tube. The equalizer tube evenly distributes product through each clay cartridge. Clay elements are vibra-packed to capacity with the highest grade of Attapulgus clay.

This clay has the appearance of very fine sand, with each granule having hundreds of tiny, fiber-like crystals that capture molecular surfactants. The surface area of Attapulgus clay exceeds 13 acres per pound. Facet recommends a maximum flow of 26 lpm (7 gpm) per cartridge.

Features & Benefits
  • Housings are designed for easy servicing and low maintenance.
  • Welded carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and cast aluminium construction.
  • ASME Code, Section VIII construction, stamped and certified.
  • Removable cartridge mounting post.
  • Hydraulic headlift.
  • Inlet and outlet permanently marked.
  • Standard and optional accessories and connections are available to facilitate piping and installation requirements.

Technical Information

Design pressure
150 psi @ 250 °F (10.3 bar @ 121 ºC)

Epoxy coated (EI 1541)

Prime coated

Swing bolt closure

Closure Gasket
Buna-N closure gasket 

Standard Connections
¼" differential pressure gauge
¾" pressure relief valve and vent
2" main drain
1 ½" side drain

Automatic air eliminator
Automatic air eliminator check valve
Differential pressure gauge
Pressure relief valve
Sampling probes
Cartridge hoist assembly
Removable bundle design

Ordering Information
Model Number Flow Rate Liquid Volume Required Cartridges Dry Weight Housing Type
gpm lpm gal litre lbs kg
13F3-C 275 1041 288 1090 39 1913 868 Dished
24F3-C 500 1893 456 2067 72 3250 1474 Dished
31F3-C 650 2460 702 2657 93 4459 2023 Dished
40F3-C 840 3179 874 3308 120 5380 2440 Dished
50F3-C 1050 3974 1167 4417 150 6976 3164 Dished
60F3-C 1260 4769 1442 5458 180 8298 3764 Dished
67F3-C 1407 5325 1570 5942 201 9602 4355 Dished

Other sizes available on request.
Weights and volumes are approximate.
Housing model number will include clay treater cartridge model number when selected.
Clay treater housings use Facet bag or canister style cartridges, 3 deep per stack.
Clay treater cartridges are not installed at factory prior to shipment.


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