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Microfilter Housings

Model M

PECOFacet Model M filter housings are specifically designed to remove solid particles such as rust, dirt, pipe scales, sand and metal from fuel. They are commonly located ahead of clay treaters and coalescer separators to protect and prolong cartridge life.  A single pass through the filter allows clean product to flow downstream.

PECOFacet Model M filter housings will continuously remove solids from fuel when used with standard single, double or triple-length FA, M or CIF high efficiency filter cartridges. Housings are designed for easy servicing and low maintenance. All are built to ASME Code, Section VIII, with many standard and optional accessories and connections available to facilitate individual installation requirements. PECOFacet filters provide a complete system to meet industry standards and levels of effluent purity required by commercial airlines, major oil companies and governments, worldwide.

Standard Housing Design

  • EI 1596 Design & Construcion
  • Built to ASME Code, Section VIII, stamped and certified or "CE" marked
  • Rod mount or screw base hardware
  • Headlift furnished on 20” (508 mm) and larger vertical housings
  • Designed for 150 psi (10.5 kg/cm²) @ 250ºF (121ºF) -higher pressure and temperature ratings available on request

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