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Type DC Camlock Fittings

Liquip camlocks are built to NATO specification (MIL-C-27487 (Superceded by A-A 59326) and are of aluminium construction.

Type DC - Dust Cap Female End Coupler.

Dust Caps (DC) can be used with type A, E and F adapters to seal the end of the connection.


Sizes Range
¾ " to 3".

Item Description Size

Camlock Cap Dust.

NA25-2A Camlock Cap Dust. 1"
NA32-2A Camlock Cap Dust. 1¼"
NA40-2A Camlock Cap Dust. 1½"
NA50-2A Camlock Cap Dust. 2"
NA50-2KA Camlock Cap Dust (Lockable). 2"
NA65-2A Camlokc Cap Dust 2½"
NA65-2KA Camlock Cap Dust (Lockable). 2½"
NA80-2AT Camlock Cap Dust (Tef Exp seal). 3"
NA80-2AW Camlck Cap Dust. 3"
NA80-2J Camlock Cap Dust (Jet-A1).  3"
NA80-2KA Camlock Cap Dust (Lockable). 3"
NA100-2AT Camlock Cap Dust (Tef Exp seal).. 4"
NA100-2AW     Camlock Cap Dust. 4"
NA100-2J Camlock Cap Dust (Jet-A1).       4"
NA100-2KA Camlock Cap Dust (Lockable). 4"

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