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Cla-Val Dry Break Quick Disconnect


The Cla-Val Model 344GF is a Dry-Break Quick Disconnect that allows safe, easy nozzle removal from the delivery hose or pantograph. Constructed of hard-anodized aluminium and stainless steel, the Cla-Val 344GF provides an easy way to inspect or perform maintenance on a refueling nozzle or strainer.

To ensure a secure connection, the Cla-Val 344GF Dry-Break Quick Disconnect has a spring-loaded sleeve and two spring-loaded latches. Both latches must be depressed and the spring-loaded sleeve moved away before the male adapter can be removed from the female half. Disconnecting the male adapter automatically closes the valve in the female half, shutting off the flow of fuel in the hose or pantograph. Reconnecting the male adapter automatically reopens the valve.

The shut-off valve in the female half of the Cla-Val 344GF is a unique butterfly configuration that seals tightly when closed and provides an extremely low pressure drop when open. When the butterfly valve is closed, it is strong enough to withstand the periodic hydrostatic testing of refueling hoses to 300 psi.

Features & Benefits
  • Unique Butterfly Valve Configuration.
  • Extremely Low Pressure Drop.
  • Disconnecting Automatically Closes the Valve.
  • Reconnecting Automatically Opens the Valve.
  • Durable Hard-Anodized Aluminium Body.
  • Withstands Hydrostatic Tests Up to 300 psi.


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