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66RB 1" Reconnectable Breakaway (Obsolete product)


The 66RB-2000 Reconnectable Breakaway is designed for use in today’s truckstop and high-volume markets. Intended for installation on fuel dispensing hoses, the 66RB will separate at a maximum force of 350 lbs. Upon separation, the integral check valves close, stopping the flow of fuel and limiting any fuel spillage from either hose end. For proper operation on high-hanging hoses, the OPW 66RB must always be installed using a “straightening hose” with a minimum length of 12", such as the OPW 66H. For low hose applications, the 66RB should be installed downstream of the retractor cable.

Sorry About That… This Product is an Obsolete Item…

This product is no longer available. To assist you with finding an alternative product that will perform the same function we have offered some suggested replaceable products below. 

We have also made information about obsolete products available to assist with purchasing spare parts that may still be available. You can view obsolete product information by searching for product codes in our SEARCH bar. 

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Features & Benefits
  • UL and ULC listed for use in gasoline, diesel, and up to 10% ethanol blends. See specific listings.
  • Pull Force – the 66RB will break away with a pull force of no more than 350 lbs.
  • Easily Reconnected – after relieving line pressure, simply push coupling halves together until latched. Reconnection force is approximately 15 lbs.
  • Protected Coupling and Poppet – the breakaway’s poppets and sealing surfaces are protected from impact during separation by a durable plastic sleeve.
  • Low Pressure Drop – the integral check valve design allows for minimal pressure drop for faster, high-volume fill-ups.

Technical Information

Design working pressure
50 psi (3.45 bar) maximum pressure.

Body: Aluminium
Sleeve: HDPE
Seals: Viton®
Spring: Stainless steel
Poppet: Aluminium

Ordering Information
Product in. mm lbs. kg
66RB-2000 1" (NPT) 25 1.14 .52
66RB-20RF* 1" (NPT) 25 1.14 .52

66RB Series Instruction Sheet Order Number: F-69 *66RB-20RF is UL Listed for up to 20% Biodiesel.


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