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Hose Beads


Replacing hoses e.g. aviation hose can be costly. Fitting hose beads saves the hose from rubbing along the tarmac, minimising wear and abrasion change.

It is common industry practice to fit hose beads on reels or deck hoses of aircraft refuelling or road tanker pumping vehicles. Hose beads assist in manoeuvring hose over the airport apron, while minimising wear and abrasion of the hose cover, and enhancing the visibility of the hose during low light refuelling operations. 

Features & Benefits
  • Increases the life of your aviation hose.
  • Allows for relatively effortless manoeuvring of the hose.
  • Acts as a marker at night.
  • Minimises wear and abrasion of the hose cover
  • The 2-piece yellow plastic beads bolts together around the hose. 
  • Liquip suggest a bead is fitted every 700mm run of hose.
  • Highly break resistant 
  • Can be easily installed for use on hose reels.

Technical Information

Recommended Spacings

20m Hose Reel Gosoeneck to first bead Hose Bead Spacing (centre-centre) Last bead centre to nozzle Qty of beads
  3m 700mm 1.5m 32


Ordering Information

HB1.25ZHOSE BEAD KIT 1¼" C/W SCREWS & NUTS to suit 32 mm ID hose.    

HB1.5HOSE BEAD SET 1½" SCREW TYPE YELLOW C/W SCREWS & NUTS  to suit 38mm ID hose. (click style hose bead optional).

HB50HOSE BEAD 2" SCREW TYPE to suit 50mm ID hose. (click style hose bead optional).

HB2.5Z: HOSE BEAD KIT 2½" C/W SCREWS & NUTS to suit 63mm ID hose.

CHA100-1ZHOSE BEAD KIT 100mm (4") SCREW TYPE to suit 4" code hose.             


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