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9" Emergency Hatch Sub-assembly


Tanker top manhole Ø230mm quick-opening inspection hatch sub-assembly that doubles as emergency vent with provision for pressure/vacuum relieving vent and rollover protection. Must be fitted to a VOH manhole (supplied separately). Now supplied in metric.

Features & Benefits
  • Easy to open.
  • Two stage opening for added safety.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction.
  • Plain or lockable handle.
  • A key (VOH400-10, order separately) is required to access inspection hatch when fitted with lockable handle.
  • Pressure/vacuum vent mounts onto underside of the sub-assembly (PVV valve, order separately).

Technical Information

Handle may be opened (a key is required for VOH50x-33 lockable versions) to allow bridge & vent lid to swing away and make inspection hatch accessible.

Both handles may be locked with additional padlock (not supplied).

Mounts onto all Liquip VOH series manholes with hinge pins provided.

All major components are aluminium.
Vent seal is nitrile rubber.

Ordering Information
  30kPa spring (6108)
& label 7321 to suit PVV104M
24kPa spring (4464)
& label 7322 to suit PVV104UM
30kPa spring (6108)
& label 7324 to suit PVV104UM
Plain Handle
VOH501-32A VOH501-32B VOH501-32U
VOH400-7 Lockable Handle VOH501-33A VOH501-33B VOH501-33U
PVV to be used PVV104M PVV104UM PVV104UM


9" Lid Common Spare Parts

0236: Seal Nitrile 9" Hatch Lids.
7141: Bellow EPDM to suit 9" Hatch Lids.
6108: Spring Z/P to suit VOH50x-3xA
4464: Spring Z/P to suit VOH50x-3xB or VOH50x-3xU. 


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