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API800 Series Coupler (Obsolete product)


No Longer available - Refer to LYNX series

Built with a stainless steel latch release handle and
coming in at 8.5kg the slimline Liquip API800 Series
coupler is impressive by any measure.

With a robust design and fast in-situ replacement of
all seals, customers will experience effortless bottom

Liquip has considered each detail of the coupler with the user in mind to maximise the safety, performance, service life and quality of the coupler.

For Chemical model
FFKM seals are one of the most chemically resistant materials available and are suitable for even some of the harshest chemical compounds. As such, FFKM is commonly used with aggressive, corrosive and reactive chemicals.

Sorry About That… This Product is an Obsolete Item…

This product is no longer available. To assist you with finding an alternative product that will perform the same function we have offered some suggested replaceable products below. 

We have also made information about obsolete products available to assist with purchasing spare parts that may still be available. You can view obsolete product information by searching for product codes in our SEARCH bar. 

If you would like any further information regarding our parts please don’t hesitate to contact your local Liquip representative and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Features & Benefits

Safety and Reliability

  • Increased site safety via minimal product leakage during disconnect.
  • Four true interlocking stainless steel latches for secure coupling and maximum safety.
  • Lightweight without reducing safety and reliability.
  • Stainless steel collar and hard anodised body for increased service durability and life.
  • Stainless steel latch release handle for long term strength and durability.


  • Fast in-field replacement of all seals, on or off the loading arm.
  • New seal design provides increased service life.
  • Less drippage at disconnect compared to
    previous models.
  • Simple disassembly for easy servicing.
  • Collar designed to ensure minimal distortion of critical latching face.


  • All seals are replaceable in situ.
  • Quick and easy maintenance without removing coupler from the loading arm.
  • Easy to operate handle with a noticeable positive lock.

Comfort and Style

  • Improved ergonomics during use with less physical strain on users.
  • Ergonomic operating handle and carry loop design for comfortable operation.

Technical Information

Handle Length
Short (150mm) or Long (200mm).

-Viton B.
-Viton GFLT (recommended for ethanol blends).
-NBR - Nitrile.

Max Working Pressure:550 kPa.
Product Test Pressure: 820 kPa.
Design Pressure: 2,500 kPa.
Max Surge Pressure: 3,400 kPa.

Operating Temperature
Viton B: -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to + 176°F).
Viton GFLT: -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to + 140°F).

Design Standard
API RP 1004 8th EDITION 2003 - Bottom Loading and Vapour Recovery.

By industry standard 100mm (4”) TTMA Flange.

8.5kg (API81x Couplers).
10.81kg (API82x Couplers).

Ordering Information

API810: Short Handle, Viton B.

API810VG: Short Handle, Viton GFLT.

API810C: Short Handle, FFKM.

API812: Long Handle, Viton B.

API812VG: Long Handle, Viton GFLT.

API812C: Long Handle, FFKM.

API812G: Long Handle, Viton B - AVGAS Selective.

API812J: Long Handle, Viton B - Jet Selective.

API820 Long Handle Drip Catcher, Viton B70.

API822VGLong Handle Drip Catcher, Viton GFLT.

Associated Equipment

LBM800: Liquip Loading Arm Balance Assembly.

LBV450VG: 4" Butterfly Valve, Viton GFLT seals.

BF4-SG-25: 4" TTMA sightglass flange, 25mm thick.

BF4-SG-40: 4" TTMA sightglass flange, 40mm thick.

0657V: 4: TTMA Viton Gasket.

4248: 4" TTMA Klinger Gasket


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