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Aljac Continuity Tester


Safe, reliable and cost effective loading of fuel

The Aljac Continuity Tester (ACT) is a foolproof Go/No Go device which can be used by non-skilled personnel, and it is controlled by a microprocessor which offers significant operational advantages. It self checks calibration and available battery power and only then allows the test to proceed. The ACT uses a single dual colour light emitting diode (LED) to indicate the condition of the bonding system under test, which makes the results very simple to interpret. The default set point is 25 Ohms which is in accordance with the JIG Guidelines for aviation fuel systems, but alternative set points can be specified at the time of order placement. In addition, throughout the test, a two figure digital display tells the operator the actual system resistance (in Ohms).

The ACT housing is ergonomically designed to be comfortably held in the hand and is moulded from impact resistant Polyamide, so it is lightweight, robust, and is highly portable. The ACT incorporates a sealed, non rechargeable, high capacity battery which gives it an extended operational life, but the battery life is further enhanced by a number of power saving features. The ACT does not have a constant power usage, it checks the resistance 200 times per second. Also, the microprocessor automatically switches off the ACT after a time out period at any stage of the operation, even if the clips are left connected or touching at the end of the test.

The ACT can be supplied with a calibration certificate if required, but in any event it self checks calibration before every test. The ACT incorporates a current limitation feature and is safe for use in hazardous areas, unlike many other devices which are currently in use. We can provide a Stowage Bracket which can be used to neatly stow the ACT when not in use, or can hold the ACT securely during testing.

Technical Information
  • Type: Go-No Go Continuity Tester
  • Set Point: 25 Ohms (default). Option 1 to 40 Ohms
  • Test Frequency: 200 tests per second
  • Display Update: Every 100 tests (0.5 seconds)
  • LED: Dual colour high intensity (Red/Green)
  • Display: Two digit 7 segment LCD, 12mm character height. Selectable on or off
  • Housing: High visibility orange impact resistant PA6 Polyamide
  • Battery: Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3.6V
  • Microprocessor: Atmel AVR EXMEGA 16A 4U
  • Flying Leads: 2 x 0.5 metres long, with plugs/clips
Ordering Information

0100400180: Continuity Tester

0100400181: Stowage Bracket


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