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Euro-Line Bottom Valves


The EURO100-Line Bottom Valves are designed for increased safety, durability and service performance.

The EURO100-Line high flow bottom valves are available as Compact 100-1 series, Super Compact 100-2 series, 4” TTMA or TW 100-3 series and T-shape 100-4 series.

Features & Benefits
  • All EURO100-Line Bottom Valves in accordance with EN13308 (Non Pressure Balanced), EN13316 (Pressure Balanced), ADR and API RP 1004.
  • Available models: Compact, Super Compact, 4” TTMA or TW outlet and T-Shape.
  • Pressure balanced or non pressure balanced operation.
  • Sequenced or non-sequenced operation.
  • 4” or DN100 connection.
  • Lightweight pressure die-cast for improved strength and reduced weight.
  • Hard anodized and stainless steel internals.
  • Stainless steel filter/strainer.
  • Shear Groove to prevent spillage in case of an accident.
  • Superior flow rate:
    - up to 2.500 litres/minute.
    - no moving parts in the flow path.
  • Viton GLFT seals.
  • Valve service inside of the compartment.
  • Manually openable in case of emergency.

Technical Information

Nominal size
4” or DN 100.

Working pressure
5 bar (500 kPa).

Operating air pressure
4 bar.

Maximum flow rate
2.500 litre/minute.

Viton GFLT.

Working temperature
-20 °C to 70 °C.
Other temperatures on request.

EURO100-1 4,6 kg.
EURO100-2 5,5 kg.
EURO100-3 4,7 kg.
EURO100-4 5,8 kg.

Ordering Information

Compact Model: EURO100-1 series
EURO100-1-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-1S-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, sequenced.
EURO100-1B-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-1BS-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, sequenced.

Super Compact Model: EURO100-2 series
EURO100-2-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-2S-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, sequenced.
EURO100-2B-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-2BS-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, sequenced.

4” TTMA Outlet Model: EURO100-3 series
EURO100-3-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-3S-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, sequenced.
EURO100-3B-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-3BS-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, sequenced.

4” T-Shape Model: EURO100-4 series
EURO100-4-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-4S-AL40: 4” non-pressure balanced, sequenced.
EURO100-4B-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, non sequenced.
EURO100-4BS-AL40: 4” pressure balanced, sequenced.

Associated Equipment

Repair kit
EURO100RK: Seal kit for EURO100-series Bottom Valve.

Contents EURO100RK Repair kit
89-60-75/V: O-ring (Viton).
26-60-27: Gasket (Viton).
26-60-26: O-ring (Viton).
82-30-53: Gasket (Viton).
89-60-76/V: O-ring (Viton).
92-60-70: O-ring (Viton).

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