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Swivel Bolt-On Couplings


OPW Fueling Containment Systems Introduces a New Generation of Swivel Bolt-On Couplings

Announcing our revolutionary new SBC Swivel Bolt-On Double Wall Pipe Coupling. The new patent pending technology gives users the same great features as our revolutionary DPC swage on double wall fittings in a Bolt-on design. The SBC eliminates the need to trim back the secondary jacket—and eliminates the need for rubber test boots!

New patent-pending Swivel Bolt-On Coupling system simplifies the interstitial connection process for FlexWorks Flexible Piping.

Our new FlexWorks Swivel Bolt-On Coupling features a double wall design that eliminates the need to trim back the secondary jacket. The need for rubber test boots is eliminated. Permanent access to the pipes interstice allows for future integrity testing or continuous interstitial monitoring. Swivel Bolt-On Couplings have an integral interstitial fluid path and a threaded access port located directly on the coupling collar. This state of the art method of connection is a cost effective solution that allows rapid system integrity testing as well as interstitial monitoring capability, at installation and in the future to accommodate new monitoring regulations.

Features & Benefits
  • All Stainless Steel Wetted Surfaces
  • No Jacket Stripping
  • No Test Boots
  • Male NPT Thread allows this coupling to be used with standard plumbing Tees and Elbows
  • Decreased Installation Time
  • Provides quick and effective means to monitor or retest secondary containment
  • State-of-the-Art Clam Shell Interlock Design only available through OPW
  • Double O-Ring Swivel Design for easy and secure connections


Ordering Information
Model Description
SBC-2075 Swivel Bolt-On Clamp, 3/4"
SBC-2100 Swivel Bolt-On Clamp, 1"
SBC-2150 Swivel Bolt-On Coupling, 1.5 NPT
SBC-2200 Swivel Bolt-On Coupling, 2.0 NPT
SST-2020     Tee Fitting, 2" NPT
SSE-2020 Elbow Fittings, 2" NPT

Replacement Parts

Model Description
BGP-2075 Replacement Seal Kit for 3/4" SBC-2075
BGP-2100 Replacement Seal Kit for 1" SBC-2100
BGP-2150 Replacement Seal Kit for 1-1/2" SBC-2150
BGP-2200 Replacement Seal Kit for 2" SBC-2200
Technical Information

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