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Latched Fiberglass Tank Sump Lids

Our new specially designed latched Fiberglass Tank Sump Lid is now available on our Fiberglass Sump Models. Our new lid can also be ordered as a replacement Lid for our Polyethlene Sumps.

This lid is available to replace the “Mechanically Fastened” lids with knobs on retrofit applications.

  • Six latch and cover design to ensure even sealing
  • Holes in the lid to allow installation on 33” Fiberglass or Polyethylene Tanks Sumps
  • Lid strength is three times stronger than our previous lid
  • Retrofitable to existing OPW Polyethylene and Fiberglass Tank Sumps that have the Mechanically Fastened Lid.
Part No. Description
CLC-33 Latched Fiberglass Tank Sump Lid
LRK-CLC Latch Replacement Kit for the CLC-33