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60V-DEF Shear Valve


Starting with 2010 Models, DEF was required in diesel-powered trucks utilizing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet federal emissions standards. The dispensing infrastructure at travel centers and fleet refueling sites continues to evolve as DEF compatible equipment is installed.

OPW’s 60V-DEF Shear Valve has a unique coating that allows for DEF compatibility while maintaining the reliable shear performance of cast iron. Third-party tested to ensure compatibility with the ISO 22241 Standard, our new 60V-DEF Shear Valve provides peace of mind and minimizes damage to your DEF Dispensing Equipment in the case of impact collision while preventing product loss.

Features & Benefits
  • Utilizes DEF Industry Standard BSPP Connections for Easy and Long-Term Sealing
  • Machined Shear Groove for Reliable Shear Performance
  • Versatile to other tread types with DEF compatible stainless steel adaptors
  • Anchoring Brackets Built into Body

Ordering Information

Ordering Specifications – 60V-DEF Shear Valve

Item Number


60V-DEF 60V DEF Shear Valve
205900 1" Female NPT Adaptor
205899 1" Male BSPP Adaptor



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