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Lockable Static Earthing Reels

Static reels are used to bond two pieces of equipment to allow static charge to be safely equalised. Static reels are typically used when product is transferred from one tank to another e.g. when pumping between a tanker and storage tank or when fueling aircraft.

Liquip offers the LSR100, which has been developed to provide users with a safe and reliable static earthing reel that when locked won’t inadvertently unwind while a vehicle is moving.

  • Stainless steel components are used to ensure corrosion does not break continuity.
  • Simple to use locking mechanism prevents the static reel from unwinding due to vibration.
  • Reliable continuity is ensured through the use of a carbon brush on a stainless steel shaft.
  • Manual operation as spring-rewind types have caused accidents when inadvertently released.
  • Comes supplied with 30m of yellow cable for increased visibility at night.
  • Dust seals protect the assembly internals and graphite grease ensures long life and easy rotation without electrical resistance.
  • Standard wire 2mm dia. Other types readily available.

Nominal reel resistance is 5 ohms.

Meets AS 2809:2 – Maximum end-to-end resistance of 10 ohms.

-Carbon brush runs in sealed section to eliminate dirt and corrosion.
-Shaft has grease reservoir for all-of-life lubrication.

LSR100: Lockable static reel complete with 30m of yellow cable
and bonding clip.

LSR101: Lockable static reel complete with 30m of orange cable
and MIL Spec Aluminium static clip.

SR200-3:Optional cable guide for LSR100.

7158: Optional spacer for LSR100.


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