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PVV100 Series

The PVV104 series pressure and vacuum relief vents are used on tank trucks and incorporate roll-over protection.

The PVV104 prevents the build up of pressure and vacuum caused by expansion, contraction and tanker movement.

The PVV104 is designed primarily for thermal relief. The vent incorporates rollover protection by locking shut at any angle greater than 60º from the vertical. 

  • Allow excess pressure and vacuum to be equalised through a gauzed flame proof opening.
  • Aluminium body and Stainless Steel Springs.
  • All models have roll-over protection ensuring compartment is sealed if tilted more than 60° from vertical.
  • The PVV range of vents can be mounted inside the tank either on the manhole cover or on a separate flange.

-Aluminium body & poppets.
-Stainless steel springs.
-Bonded nitrile seals.
-Nylon coated bronze ball.

Mounted directly to the manhole on the underside of the emergency vent.

PVV104/PVV104M (Australia/NZ)

  • Pressure: Opens at 16±1 kPa.
  • Vacuum: Opens at 2±1 kPa.
  • Capacity: 98m³/hr free air at 35 kPa.
  • Locks shut at 60° from vertical.
  • Approved to AS2809-1990.
  • PVV104/PVV104M is identified by the free air bleed hole in the body.

PVV104U/PVV104UM (Rest of World)

  • Pressure: Opens at 8 to 12 kPa.
  • Vacuum: Opens at -0.4 to -2.5 kPa.
  • Capacity: 90m³/hr free air at 30 kPa inlet & 33m³/hr free air at 3kPa pressure drop for vacuum.
  • Locks shut at 60° from vertical Approved to UK requirements.
  • PVV104U/PVV104UM has no bleed hole and a very distinctive full circle marker groove around.

PVV104: PV vent suitable for Australia/NZ.

PVV104U: PV vent suitable for Rest of World.

PVV104M: PV vent suitable for Australia/NZ (metric).

PVV104UM: PV vent suitable for Rest of World (metric).

PVV104VGM: PV vent suitable for Australia/NZ (metric).

  • VOH400 series Hatch.
  • VOH700 series Hatches.
  • SH300 series swing back Hatches.
  • EH series emergency Hatches.
  • VOH50x-3xx series emergency vent assemblies. 

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