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Overhead Arms


A new benchmark has been set for all bottom load arms through Liquip's "bulletproof" overhead loading arms which provide effortless loading combined with safety, long service life and minimal maintenance.

Liquip's 4" overhead bottom loading arms are capable of loading at flow rates of up to 2,500 litres per minute and are designed to enable complete cross-over within the API envelope of up to 6 arms in a single bay.

In regions where regulations permit, it is common to load using 3 or 4 arms at a time.

Liquip's overhead bottom loading arms are fitted with a 2 metre standard length drop hose and varying loading arm heights are accommodated with aluminium or steel drop spools.

Standard length drop hoses enable easier changeover and reduced spare parts inventory for the operating company. 

Liquip can also supply loading arm couplers that provide the connection between the tanker and loading arm that are compliant with API RP 1004.

Features & Benefits
  • Quick loading at flow rates of up to 2,500 LPM.
  • Allows for cross-over of multiple arms and simultaneous loading of compartments.
  • Easily maneuver load arm within the API envelope.
  • Superior safety through the use of Liquip's unique balance assembly swivel design.
  • Simple and safe to adjust & replace.       
  • Can be supplied to suit a range of products including various chemicals and aviation fuel.
  • Uses Liquip's unique gas strut "Velvet Touch" technology.

Technical Information

Counter balance type
Single or Dual gas struts.

Range of motion
Horizontal 360°, Vertical +15° to -15°

Mounting connections
4” Class 150 ANSI RF flange.

Working Pressure
Arm 1,000 kPa, Coupler, 500 kPa (75 psi).

Test Pressure
Arm 1,500 kPa, Coupler, 800 kPa (115 psi).

Maximum coupling pressure
517 kPa working.

Temperature limits
-28°C to +90
°C (-18°F to +200°F) - VG seals.

Primary seal materials
Viton B70 or GFLT.

Dust seal material
Buna Nitrile or HAN.

Gasket material
Klingersil or Viton A.

Ordering Information

Loading arm survey forms are available for users to fill out. Survey forms detail all technical requirements for your loading arm needs. These forms can be downloaded once you login to the Liquip website. Click here to obtain a login.

Alternatively, you can contact Liquip to receive a loading arm survey form and discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Associated Equipment

Overhead loading components

  • Balance assembly.
  • Gas struts e.g 4416 or 3008.
  • Straight swivels.
  • Intermediate swivels.
  • Coupler swivels.
  • API couplers - LYNX Series.
  • Drop hoses & covers.
  • Butterfly valves.
  • Sightglasses.
  • Spools.
  • Riser pipes.

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