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API Parking Adaptors


The PA800 Series of parking adaptors for API couplers ensures bottom loading arms are correctly stowed and secured when not in use.

Liquip parking adaptors can be used to collect drips from couplers and pipe them away to a drain system.

Parking adaptors can also be supplied to be used in conjunction with a proximity sensor (supplied separately). The proximity sensor once actuated can enable system interlocks.

Features & Benefits
  • All parking adaptors have built in stops to ensure the coupler can not be opened whilst parked.
  • Some parking adaptors can be used to collect drips and pipe them away to a drain system.
  • Parking adaptors can be supplied with a proximity switch to enable system interlocks.

Technical Information

Periodically grease sliding proximity switch (where supplied) by using grease nipple visible from face of nosecone.

PA801 & PA811 bolt onto bracket supplied by customer.
PAA80x & PAA81x are free standing (bolt to concrete or skid floor).

PA801 - 0.9kg.
For other weights contact Liquip.

Ordering Information

PA801: API Parking Adaptor.

PA811: API Parking Adaptor with Proximity Sensor Holder.

PAS801: API Parking Adaptor c/w Stand, Straight.

PAS811: API Parking Adaptor c/w Stand, Straight, with Proximity Sensor Holder.

PAA801: API Parking Adaptor c/w Stand, Angled.

PAA811: API Parking Adaptor c/w Stand, Angled, with Proximity Sensor Holder.

Associated Equipment

5544: Proximity Switch Sensor.

LYNX Series Dry Break Coupler.


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