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Coupler Spools


Liquip offers a range of 4" TTMA coupler spools that are designed to be used on loading arms to connect the API coupler to the coupler swivel.

Our coupler spools are provided in 2 lengths and can be supplied straight or angled profile to suit standard loading arm, aviation selective or other loading arm applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Aluminium construction for lightweight and longevity.
  • 4" TTMA flanged connections.
  • Provides distance between the loading arm and API coupler to ensure the coupler does not come in contact with other obstacles.

Ordering Information

VSA4: 4" aluminium loading arm coupler spool (15o angle) - 200mm long. 

VSS4: 4" aluminium loading arm coupler spool (straight) - 200mm long.

VSA4-SHORT: 4" aviation selective loading arm coupler spool (15o angle) - 122mm length.


Associated Equipment

LYNX850: Short Handle, Viton B.

LYNX850VG: Short Handle, Viton GFLT.

LYNX850C: Short Handle, FFKM.

LYNX852: Long Handle, Viton B.

LYNX852VG: Long Handle, Viton GFLT.

LYNX852C: Long Handle, FFKM.

LYNX852G: Long Handle, Viton B - AVGAS Selective.

LYNX852J: Long Handle, Viton B - Jet Selective.

LYNX860: Short Handle Drip Catcher, Viton B70.

LYNX860VG: Short Handle Drip Catcher, Viton GFLT.

LYNX862: Long Handle Drip Catcher, Viton B70.

LYNX862VG: Long Handle Drip Catcher, Viton GFLT.

VNC-A4VG: 4" coupler swivel with Viton GFLT seal.

VNC-A4T: 4" coupler swivel with Teflon seal.

VNC-A4AVI: 4" coupler swivel with Viton GFLT seal & Aviation grease.

VNC-A4DVG:4" coupler swivel with Viton GFLT seal & D-handle.


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